Please note that due to changes made to the Nitrous viewports in 3ds Max 2014, the region gizmos might appear slightly different in color and behavior. This is true for all Manipulators in 3ds Max and is beyond our control. Using non-Nitrous graphics modes or earlier versions of 3ds Max (e.g. 2013) should match the look of the gizmos shown in these tutorials.

Introduction (5m12s)

The following video provides an overview of the updated region rendering options of the integrated 3ds Max Submitter in Deadline 6.1 (a.k.a. SMTD - Submit Max To Deadline).

Region Creation And Editing (16m26s)

The following video discusses in depth the various "Jigsaw" region creation and editing functions. It is recommended for artists who want to learn how to access the various features of the tool. If you are interested only in the overal benefits of Jigsaw but not in the technical details, you may want to skip it and move to the next video.

High Resolution Single Frame Region Rendering (5m53s)

The following video demonstrates how the Jigsaw Single Frame Multi-Region rendering option can significantly reduce the render times when updating portions of an existing image.

Multi-Frame Region Rendering (11m25s)

The following video demonstrates the use of Jigsaw to track and re-render multiple changed regions over an animation sequence.