License Configuration for Deadline

Deadline uses a floating license modal for all slaves. Since floating licenses are not machine specific, instances of the Slave render management software may run on workstations, the farm, or any computer on the local network. Each license allows one individual instance of Slave to render at a time. This allows rendering to be done on artist workstations while idle or on Amazon EC2 instances while those workstations are in use, assuming the license on the render software (3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender) allows this.

Set At Install Time (Single Slave)

Typically, the license server for individual slaves can be set at installation time. You may use a host name or IP address but either must be prefixed by an '@' symbol. If your license server is configured with a non-standard port, you would specify that number before the at (@) symbol resulting in a license server line of


It is also possible to specify the license server while doing batch installation. More information on silent installation can be found on our Deadline Installation page. A quick reference is provided below.

Windows Silent Installer License Server Option

DeadlineClient.exe /mode silent /repository \\your\repository /licenseserver 12345@myserver 

Linux Silent Installer License Server Option

./DeadlineClient --mode silent --repository /mnt/repository --licenseserver 12345@myserver 

Set Per Slave

To manually modify which license server the slave connects to, there is an option within Deadline Launcher's context menu (Typically accessed by right clicking the tray icon) to specify the license server. The same naming convention is in place as for the installation wizard.