New Features In Deadline 2.7.29178 (Released August 23, 2007 )

New Features In Deadline 2.7.29178 (Released August 23, 2007 )



This is primarily a maintenance release which fixes some bugs and adds support for new versions of software. Those already running Deadline 2.7.27948 will not need a new license to install this version. New features/bug fixes include:

Auto Job Timeout

The new Auto Timeout feature allows jobs to timeout based on some requirements regarding the time it took to render previous frames for that job. The feature is disabled by default, but can be customized in the Repository Options to suit your pipeline. Useful for Fusion and XSI in cases where the renderer hangs indefinitely, but doesn't report any problems to Deadline.

Sequential Job Improvements

For sequential jobs, slaves no longer skip over a task when an error occurs. They will continue to attempt the frame until it renders or until the job fails.

Querying CPU Usage On XP64 and Vista Machines

The slaves can now obtain this information on these operating systems. Before, they would always report 0%.

Plugin SDK Now Builds

There were some dependencies that weren't being included, and other issues wouldn't allow it to build using Visual Studio 2005. The dependencies have been removed, and the Plugin SDK now builds using Visual Studio 2003 or 2005.

Temperature Shutdown Bug Fix

Temperature Shutdown no longer throws errors that would prevent rendering machines from being shutdown due to high temperature.

Wake On Lan Bug Fix

Wake On Lan now works through Deadline again.

New Plugin Support / Improvements

  • 3dsmax:
    • SUBMIT button will be disabled if the pool is not set
    • Added Custom Company-Wide Sticky and Default settings and Local Overrides:
      • The structure is initialized to factory defaults
      • Each value is checked for stickiness in the global and local sticky.ini files. If it is sticky for either reason, then
        • The local value is loaded if it exists.
        • If there is no local value, the default is loaded from the global defaults ini file.
        • If there is no global ini file definition, the factory default is used.
      • If the value is not sticky, the global default is loaded. If there is no global default, the factory default is used as before.
    • Submit External Files to Repository is now a drop-down list and provides the following options:
      • Do not copy external files to Repository (all maps are assumed to be on the network, accessible to all slaves)
      • Copy Local files to the Repository
      • Copy All files to the Repository
    • Bitmap used by the various 3rd party renderers (like sky maps or in override materials in Brazil etc.) will now be correctly detected and copied.
    • A warning will be issued if the scene contains missing bitmaps. The warning can be disabled from the Options tab.
    • Added buttons to Clear the Log output (feedback area) as well as buttons to open the Submission Log file in Notepad or in whatever editor is default for LOG files.
    • Added an option to set the Task Timeout in the Job Options tab.
    • Added a Post-Submission Function Call field to the Scripts tab. It can be used to enter any MAXScript command(s) to be executed after a submission on the submitting workstation, including a fileIn() call to an external file to be run.
    • Fixed a bug in Batch submission.
  • After Effects:
    • After Effects 8 (CS3) is now supported.
  • Combustion:
    • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause Deadline to select the wrong output to render.
  • Fusion
    • Fusion 5.2 is now supported.
  • Houdini:
    • Houdini 9 is now supported.
  • Maya:
    • Renderman for Maya 2.0 is now supported.
  • Rhino
    • Confirmed that Rhino 4 Release version works with Deadline (before, we had only tested the beta version).
  • VIZ:
    • VIZ 2008 is now supported.
    • Split frame rendering is now supported in VIZ 2008.
  • XSI:
    • Confirmed that XSI 6.02 works with Deadline.