New Features In Deadline 3.0.33353 (Released October 15, 2008)

New Features In Deadline 3.0.33353 (Released October 15, 2008)



This is primarily a maintenance release that fixes some key issues with the original Deadline 3.0 release. Most importantly, the stability issues with the Windows version of the Deadline Slave have been fixed. In addition, we have added new plugin support for Maya 2009, Toxik 2009, After Effects CS4 (untested), Terragen 2, and Rendition. We have also improved the robustness of the XSIBatch plugin, which keeps the XSI scene loaded in memory between frames to reduce rendering overhead. If you are already running Deadline 3.0, you do not need a new license for this maintenance release.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Deadline applications now select their listening ports dynamically, so they no longer crash because the port they want to use is already in use.
  • Added Delete/Archive On Complete option to all submission scripts.
  • Multiple email addresses can now be specified for Notification Accounts in the Repository Options (just separate them with commas).
  • Improved memory usage during file synchronization.

Monitor Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Error report dialog in Monitor now refreshes properly after an error is deleted.
  • Added group filter to Monitor.
  • All filters in the Monitor are now sticky.
  • Fixed some weirdness when using the Refresh Visible Jobs option in the Monitor.
  • Corrupted error reports are now displayed as plain text.
  • Monitor no longer crashes during a refresh if it loses access to the repository.
  • Current job pool and group columns have been added to the Slave list.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException that was occurring when modifying job properties.
  • Fixed an ArgumentException when loading new jobs.
  • Plugin Configuration dialog no longer crashes if a plugin config file is locked or cannot be accessed.
  • Task render status is now shown in the slave list.
  • Duplicate jobs in 'jobs' and 'jobsArchived' folders no longer crashes the Monitor.
  • Re-added keyboard shortcuts for RDC and Radmin in Slave and Pulse lists.
  • Added a normalized render time graph.

Slave Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some random crash issues.
  • The process of acquiring a limit group is now autonomous, so limit groups going over their limit should no longer be a common occurrence.
  • Corrupted jobs are now moved to a separate folder.
  • Linux Slave should now report image filesize properly.
  • Fixed a Win32Exception that was causing the slave to crash when cleaning up jobs.
  • Slave no longer crashes after countdown message when it is disabled.
  • Improved error message when Slave crashes because it can't load plugin libraries on startup.
  • Slave no longer reports errors when it can't convert empty config entries to boolean, integer, or float (it just uses the default values instead).

Launcher Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Added ability to configure which port the Launcher listens on (default is still 5042).
  • Fixed a crashing issue that was due to a SocketException.
  • No longer returns that an upgrade is necessary if the Automatic Upgrade option is disabled in the Repository Options.

New Plugin Support / Improvements

  • 3ds Max:
    • More information is logged during rendering.
    • Submitter now sets RenderOutput in plugin info file.
    • Batch master job no longer fails.
    • Multipass jobs no longer fail when render elements are disabled.
    • Added option to submitter to restart 3ds Max between tasks.
    • 3dsmax.ini is no longer messed up when using the Override Bitmap Pager option.
    • Added sanity checker to SMTD to check if viewport is a camera when rendering with maxwell.
    • Deadline now detects when 3ds Max crashes during rendering.
    • Added Save File and Output path options to SMTD for convenience.
  • 3ds Command:
    • Added some popup handlers.
    • Fixed split rendering feature.
    • Added machine list option to submitter.
    • Fixed the sanity checker.
    • Added gamma correction option to submitter.
  • After Effects:
    • Added plugin config option to not fail jobs on missing layer dependency errors.
    • Added back support for After Effects 6 (submission must be done from the Monitor).
    • Added CS4 support (currently untested).
    • Fixed integrated submission bug.
  • Fusion:
    • Fusion no longer hangs when cleaning up Fusion jobs.
  • Houdini:
    • Improved error handling in Houdini render script.
  • Lightwave:
    • Executable paths in plugin config are no longer ignored.
  • Maya:
    • Added Maya 2009 support.
    • Render layer folder is no longer duplicated in output path.
  • Mental Ray Standalone:
    • Added option to force 32 or 64 bit rendering.
  • Nuke:
    • Added option to force 32 or 64 bit rendering.
  • Rendition:
    • Added Rendition support.
  • Rhino:
    • Added VRay popup handler.
  • Terragen:
    • Added Terragen support.
  • XSI:
    • The XSIBatch option should now be much more stable.
    • Missing plugin errors are now ignored.
    • Added submission option to specify thread count.
    • Non-zero error code checking now actually works.