New Features In Deadline 4.0.40330 (Released March 3, 2010)

New Features In Deadline 4.0.40330 (Released March 3, 2010)



This is primarily a maintenance release that fixes some key issues with the original Deadline 4.0 release. If you are already running Deadline 4.0, you do not need a new license for this maintenance release.

Continue reading for a complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • More in-depth statistics are gathered for jobs, and the interface for viewing them from the Monitor has been improved. These statistics can also be queried using Deadline Command.
  • By default, pre and post job scripts now ignore the job's timeout settings. You can enable timeouts for the pre and post job scripts in the Job Properties window in the Monitor.
  • Windows and Linux client installers now allow older binaries to be installed over newer ones.
  • Linux installers now work in Console mode.
  • Windows Client installer now works on Windows 7.
  • File/Folder browsers no longer crash the application when one or more network shares have restricted access.
  • History logs now include the domain and user of the account that was used to modify Deadline settings.
  • Obsolete job folders ("errors", "logs", and "requeues") are no longer created in the job's repository folder.
  • Fixed an bug that could potentially erase the pools and groups lists.

Monitor Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Re-added the option to specify a user background color to highlight your jobs. This color can be edited from the Theme window in the Monitor.
  • Fixed many inconsistencies when requeuing or resubmitting jobs that have dependency or scheduling settings.
  • The default start time in the Job Scheduling settings is now the current time, and not the time when the Monitor was originally started at.
  • The Job Statistics tab in the Task List now displays more information.
  • In the Slave list, there is now an Error Count column which shows the total number of errors that have been generated by a Slave. This is different from the Failed Tasks column, as that is just a per-session count.
  • The comment tag is now updated properly when resubmitting an existing job.
  • The Image File Size column in the task list now shows the combined size for all images rendered by that task. Before, it would only show the size of the first file.
  • The filter windows are now less transparent to make them easier to read. You can also disable the transparency in the Monitor Options, which is necessary when using the Monitor over a VNC connection.
  • Clearing the machine list in the Job Properties window now works properly if changes have not been made to the list itself.
  • There is a new Advanced Job Property that forces Deadline to synchronize all job files, as opposed to just the job info and plugin info file. This is useful if you're directly editing the scene file that was submitted with the job. However, enabling this option can add significant network overhead, which is why it's disabled by default.
  • Fixed some broken upper and lower limits for numerical values in the Repository options.

Slave Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Memory usage is now obtained properly on OSX.
  • Fixed an IndexOutOfRangeException that could occur when a job is being marked as complete.
  • Child processes are now cleaned up properly on Linux and OSX when a task is canceled.
  • Slave no longer crashes while purging the Repository trash folder.

Pulse Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Memory usage is now stable when running in "nogui" mode (which includes running it as a service).
  • Status is now updated on a regular basis, and should no longer falsely appear as stalled in the Monitor.
  • A warning message is now displayed when a machine running a different version of Deadline connects.
  • Job transfers no longer fail with the following error: token " " has bad format -- no initial frame #.
  • Pulse no longer crashes while purging the Repository trash folder.

DeadlineCommand Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • When querying information for slaves that don't exist, a proper error is displayed, instead of just returning default values.
  • Delete commands now give proper feedback if the item being deleted (slave, pool, group, etc) doesn't exist.
  • Deleting non-existent pools and groups no longer adds garbage entries to their respective INI files.
  • Added separate PurgeObsoletePools and PurgeObsoleteGroups commands.

New Plugin Support / Improvements

  • 3ds Max:
    • Rendering now works on Vista and Windows 7.
    • Added some Vue popup handlers.
    • SMTD (Submit Max To Deadline) Script Improvements:
      • Submission no longer fails when trying to collect Brazil 2 specific options.
      • SMTD startup scripts are now copied to the local user profile when useUserProfiles is enabled.
      • Fixed a submission error when the SMTD startup scripts fail to copy locally.
  • After Effects:
    • The user is now warned if they are performing layer submission, and the comp they want to submit layers for is already in the Render Queue.
    • Sticky submission settings on OSX are now saved properly.
  • Combustion:
    • A proper error messages is now displayed when the selected operator doesn't have an output path defined.
  • Fryrender:
    • Fixed a submission error due to floating point numbers when integers are expected.
  • Fusion:
    • When an error occurs, Fusion is now given enough time to write the error message to stdout before the script exits.
    • When submitting a job from within Fusion, the Fusion version number is now used as the default comment.
  • Lightwave:
    • Fixed an encoding problem on OSX that was causing some scene files to be corrupted.
  • Maya:
    • The "Could not read V-Ray environment variable" error when rendering with VRay is now considered fatal.
    • Rendering now works properly with the latest V-Ray for Maya release.
    • The MayaCmd plugin now sets up environment variables properly on OSX for Maya 2010 rendering (the MayaBatch plugin already did this).
  • MetaFuze:
    • Fixed a error when performing batch submissions.
  • Modo:
    • Fixed a submission error due to floating point numbers when integers are expected.
  • Nuke:
    • Fixed an issue where the first '#' character in a Nuke script was being prefixed with garbage characters during rendering.
  • Rendition:
    • Fixed a submission error due to floating point numbers when integers are expected.
  • Rhino:
    • Fixed a ChildProcess error.
    • The Rhino process is now cleaned up properly when the rendering finishes.
  • Softimage:
    • XSIBatch plugin no longer fails when the lanczos filter is being used.