New Features In Deadline 5.0.44528 (Released May 16, 2011)


This Deadline release introduces several new key features to help improve usability and performance, and integrate Deadline with your pipeline tools. These features include Auto Configuration, Event Plugins, Monitor Presets, Remote Mode, enhanced User Security, and Statistic Gathering improvements. In addition, new software support is included with this release.

Note that a new 5.0 license is required to run this version.

Highlighted Features

Auto Configuration

This allows you to set certain settings in a single location, like the repository path, license server, launch slave at startup, and the local slave data folder. When a Slave starts up, it will automatically pull this configuration and apply it before fully initializing. Now if the repository path or license server changes, you no longer have to apply the change to all your machines. In addition, you no longer have to configure new clients manually after they are installed. This feature will essentially allow us to phase out the Deadline Configuration application.

Pulse will also auto configure itself when it is launched for the first time. In previous versions, you would have to manually configure the Repository Options to indicate which machine was the Pulse server. In addition, you can right-click on a machine in the Pulse list in the Monitor to auto configure it to be the Pulse server. This makes it easy to switch Pulse's on the fly if something is wrong with the original Pulse machine.

Event Plugins

Event plug-ins can be created to execute specific tasks in response to specific events in Deadline (like when a job is submitted or when it finishes). For example, event plug-ins can be used to communicate with in-house pipeline tools to update the state of shots or tasks, or they can be used to submit a post-processing job when another job finishes.

Alternate Job Auxiliary File Location

If you are submitting large scene files with your jobs, this can have a direct impact on Deadline's performance if your Repository machine isn't equipped to handle the distribution of these large files. The solution is to choose an alternate location to store these auxiliary files. You can choose a server that's better equipped to handle the load, which will help improve the performance and stability of your Repository machine.

Monitor Layout Presets

You can now load and save Monitor layout presets to files. This is handy if there are a few different layouts you like to work with, as you can now switch between them with ease. All layout settings, like job/slave lists, visible columns, and filters are all stored in the layout files.

Remote Mode

This is a new mode that changes the behavior of Deadline to allow it to work better when connecting to a Repository from a remote location over the VPN.

Enhanced User Security

There is now an option in Deadline to use the system user as the Deadline user. With this mode enabled, it is no longer possible to change users in Deadline unless you log off and log back in as someone else. This helps improve user security in cases where it is required (like educational facilities for example). Note that this option is disabled by default.

Statistic Improvements

Slave and Repository statistics have been improved. In previous versions, the average of the most recent 200 samples was used to calculate these stats, but now all samples are kept, and you can specify a time interval for which to view the stats for (just like Job statistics). New graphs to display these stats have also been added, and existing graphs have been upgraded to allow you to zoom, pan, and save images of the graphs to disk.

Better Handling of a Disconnected Repository on Linux and OSX

When the Repository becomes disconnected, Deadline will no longer create the Repository root folder automatically. Because of this fix, you are no longer required to delete a "stub" repository folder before you can reconnect to the Repository again.

German Window Operating Systems are now Supported Again

A regression in 4.1 resulted in jobs becoming corrupt. This was because the system's regional settings were being used when saving dates to the job xml files (ie: 11.30.2010), but Deadline was expecting them in the format of 11/30/2010 when it read them in again. This problem has now been fixed.

Slave Availability Filtering Option

There is a new Slave Availability filter in the Slave Filter toolbar in the Monitor. If you click on a job with this filter enabled, the Slave list will be filtered to only show the slaves that can render the selected job. This takes into account the Pool, Group, White/Blacklisted slaves, and any Limits the job uses. This makes it easy to figure out why a job might not be rendering when you think it should be.

Customizable Local Slave Data Folder

You can now configure the local slave folder where the Slave copies over plugin and job data. This can be done by setting the "SlaveDataRoot=" key/value pair in the deadline.ini file on each machine. If it's empty or isn't specified, the default is used. The same if it doesn't exist. If it's not rooted, or contains illegal characters, an exception is thrown when the Slave starts up.

New Software Support

Support has been added for 3ds Max 2012, Blender 2.5, Composite 2012, DJV, Maya 2012, modo 5xx, Softimage 2012, VRay's vrimg2exr application, and Vue 9. In addition, generic Python and IronPython plugins are now shipped with Deadline.

Note: Due to a maxscript bug in the initial release of 3ds Max 2012, the integrated submission scripts will not work. However, this bug has been addressed in 3ds Max 2012 Hotfix 1. If you cannot apply this patch, it means that you must submit your 3ds Max 2012 jobs from the Deadline Monitor.

General Improvements

  • Event plugins can now be created for Deadline to respond to certain job operations (ie: job submitted, started, finished, failed, etc).
  • Added a new configuration option that allows scenes and other auxiliary files that are submitted with jobs to be stored in a different location.
  • The deadline.ini file is now shared between users for configuration settings like Repository Path, Launcher and Auto Configuration ports, etc. This will make it easier to configure Deadline for multiple users on the same system. Settings like the current Theme are still stored on a per-user basis.
  • Licensing information is now stored in the deadline.ini file. This allows the Slave to store a copy of the auto configuration setting it gets from Pulse without requiring elevated permissions to access the registry or .flexlmrc files. To maintain backward compatility, if the license server in the deadline.ini file hasn't been set yet, Deadline will pull it from the registry or .flexlmrc file as normal.
  • The "Submit Scene File" option is now disabled by default in all submission scripts except 3dsmax. This adds a level of consistency, and helps avoid problems for new users who aren't expecting their scene files to be submitted to the repository and copied locally to the slaves. The reason why it's still enabled by default for 3dsmax is because this is how job submissions with backburner work.
  • All jobs submitted will now have a machine limit folder created for it. This prevents a bug from occurring if a job with no machine limit is assigned a machine limit while jobs are already rendering it. The bug was that 'stubs' (which are used to determine what the limit's current count is) would only be created by slaves that pick up new tasks for that job. Any machines that were already rendering tasks would'nt count against the limit.
  • On OSX, Copy and Paste now works in the Deadline applications when using the X11 driver. Note that this uses X11's clipboard.
  • On OSX, a new font is used in the Deadline applications, which fixes the cursor offset problem in text boxes.
  • Path mappings now support the use of regular expressions.
  • Added an auto-cleanup mode for Archived jobs.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the Tile Assembler from handling Alpha properly.
  • Added new profiling sections and renamed existing ones to be more useful. Profiling sections can be accessed from any application by selecting Help -> Debugging Tools -> Profiling Statistics.
  • Client machines that don't have their dates synchronized will no longer result in working slaves being listed as stalled. Because of this, SNTP support for retrieving the current Repository date has been removed as it is no longer required.
  • Limit Groups have been renamed to simply "Limits". This is to help avoid confusion between Groups and Limit Groups.
  • Deadline's Frame List formatting now supports using spaces to separate frame ranges (in addition to commas). This allows you to specify frame ranges in the form of "1-5 11-15" or "1-5,11-15".
  • The Mapped Drive feature for Windows no longer mangles the password.
  • The port number for notifications and remote error reporting can now be set if SSL isn't being used.
  • Deadline applications no longer crash on OSX when VirtualBox is installed.
  • Slave logs in Error and Log Reports are now wrapped in CDATA elements to prevent them from corrupting the Report XML.
  • On Linux and OSX, Deadline no longer uses the "which" application to get the the full path for system tools. This will prevent any errors associated with the "which" application from occurring in the future.
  • Error reports will no longer truncate the slave log. This will make it easier to scan the render log for additional information that could explain why the error occurred.
  • The Tile Assembler now properly assembles all 32bit TGAs images. Previously, the alpha would get lost if there was no image data in the first row or the first column of tiles.
  • On Linux, the splash screens no longer display a small unresponsive window in the background.
  • Jobs now have 10 additional properties that can be set in the job info file on submission, which are called ExtraInfo0 to ExtraInfo9. There are also 10 additional columns in the job list in the Monitor to display these columns, allowing you to sort and search based on this extra information. Finallly, in the Repository Options, you can give these settings meaningful names, which are then displayed in the new column headers and in the job properties. This will allow studios to inject extra metadata into their jobs if they are using custom submission scripts.
  • Jobs can now have an arbitrary number of additional key/value properties that can be set in the job info file on submission. The format for these properties is ExtraInfoKeyValue[#]=[Key]=[Value], where [#] starts at 0 and is incremented for each additional property. These additional properties can be seen in the Details tab next to the Task tab in the Monitor. This will allow studios to inject extra metadata into their jobs if they are using custom submission scripts.
  • In the Plugin Configurations, the categories for most of the plugins have been updated to replace the default "misc" category.
  • Some property names, categories, and tool tips in the Repository Options have been tweaked.
  • On Linux, the sbin paths (/sbin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/sbin) are added to each Deadline applications PATH at runtime (which means it's not permanent). This allows Deadline to use the system tools like ipconfig to gather information on Linux systems that don't have these in the user's PATH by default (ie: Ubuntu/Debian).
  • On Ubuntu/Debian, there are no longer issues with icon transparency (this was especially noticeable in the Monitor).
  • Popup Handling can now support controls created with wxWidgets.
  • The timed message box now resizes itself to fit its contents. An example of when you would see this is if a slave is unable to get a license.
  • Job Failure and Warning emails now contain the proper error count.
  • Splash screens have been updated.
  • The check for orphaned Limit stubs now handles the case where there is a stub for a Slave that no longer exists.
  • If archiving/unarchiving a job fails, the job should no longer become corrupt.
  • Frame dependent jobs now have their Completed Date/Time set properly when the job finishes.

Installer Improvements

  • Install paths and registry keys now use "Thinkbox".
  • Windows installers now ask for elevation prior to running the actual installer. This works around the problem of having to explicity run the installer as an administrator.
  • Windows and Linux Client installers now grab defaults for repository, license server, etc from the deadline.ini file.
  • Windows Client installer now sets the permissions on the Deadline bin folder to allow for automatic updates to work properly.
  • Windows Client Installer no longer installs msdia80.dll to the system's root folder.
  • Windows Client Installer will now start the Slave with the Launcher Service if the client has been configured to do so.
  • Mac Client Installer now properly performs a check for X11.
  • Mac Client Installer no longer tries to upgrade a previous installation if it was moved to a different folder.
  • Removed the "Use X11" option from the OSX client installer. We no longer support running Deadline with the option disabled, so we just enforce it automatically now.
  • The OSX installers no longer fail to install when Mono 2.10 is installed.
  • Initial check by Linux installers to see if the user is root now works on all Linux systems (this check failed on Ubuntu/Debian).
  • The Linux client installer now creates a script called in /etc/profile.d to add the Deadline bin folder to the path. Previously, the /etc/profile file was edited directly.
  • The Linux client installer no longer asks the user to reboot the machine. It just notifies them that they may have to logout/login to update the PATH environment variable.
  • Repository installers now create all repository folders during installation so that uninstalls remove everything properly.
  • The Repository installer now backs up the events folder and upgrades the events plugins (just like normal plugins).

Launcher Improvements

  • The deadline.ini file is now properly found during an auto-upgrade on OSX and Linux.
  • In Remote Mode, the Slave and Job Monitor menu items are disabled.

Monitor Improvements

  • There is a new Slave Availability Filter option. If you click on a job with this filter enabled, the Slave list will be filtered to only show the slaves that can render the selected job. This takes into account the Pool, Group, White/Blacklisted slaves, and any Limit Groups the job uses. This makes it easy to figure out why a job might not be rendering when you think it should be.
  • You can now load and save Monitor layout presets from the main tool bar.
  • Added a right-click option to the Pulse list to configure Deadline to use the selected machine as the Pulse server.
  • The Pulse list now shows the Pulse name and the actual machine name (just like the Slave list).
  • When changing the Frames Per Task of a job, the task list for the job is now properly refreshed.
  • There is a user option in the Monitor to show line numbers in the Reports windows. This is disabled by default, and there can be performance issues with the Reports window if there are thousands of lines of text in a report.
  • The Reports windows can now be minimized or maximized.
  • When grouping slaves by Pool or Group, remote commands are no longer duplicated if the same save is selected more than once.
  • When grouping slaves by Pool or Group, the "none" section is no longer displayed.
  • Pressing Refresh now applies the current search text in the Job/Slave search boxes.
  • When double-clicking a job to refresh it, and a task goes from rendering to complete, the task font no longer stays bold.
  • Modifying the slave list for a job's machine limit now properly creates an entry in the job's history.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException that could occur when getting the Slave list from Pulse.
  • Unicode characters are now properly retained when submitting jobs from the Submit menu.
  • Fixed some theme application issues.
  • The Repository Options are now organized better.
  • Color coding has been added for the Limit list.
  • The property grid for User Settings when a new user is created has been replaced with the same control used in the Repository Options.
  • On Vista and Windows 7, error messages in the reports viewer no longer fill up multiple lines in the reports list. This was a regression.
  • When connecting to an invalid repository on startup, the Monitor will now allow you to specify a valid path instead of just quitting.
  • The old job warning has been removed from startup. This feature really hurt the startup time of the Monitor with lots of jobs in the queue, and we felt it was just better to remove this feature.
  • Performance with 10,000+ jobs in the list is much improved.
  • The Monitor no longer crashes when performing operations that expect a user to exist and they don't.
  • In the Plugin Configuration, non-String settings (ie: number-based and true/false settings) now properly show their default value if they have no value defined in the plugin configuration file (the dlinit file).
  • The plugin-specific job properties tab page no longer jumps to the focused control when the job properties window loses and regains focus. This fix also affects the Plugin Configuration window.
  • The job and slave filter windows are now resizable.
  • There is a new column in the slave list to show the actual machine name (respecting capitalization and leaving the domain intact).
  • The Scripts menu is now available if a job is archived. By default, job scripts will be disabled for archived jobs unless the ShowIfArchived option is set to True in the job script's ini file.
  • Increased width of Job Properties window to fix clipping on Windows 7.
  • The option to view the Log and Requeue reports is no longer visible if no jobs are selected.
  • "Sample Number" in task stats graphs has been replaced with the percentage of the task's progress when the sample was taken.
  • Added new graphs to replace the old ones. These new graphs support panning, zooming, and can be saved to disk by right-clicking on them.
  • On Fedora, using File -> Exit now properly exits the application.
  • The monitorOptions.xml file will no longer become "corrupt" if it contains a reference to an extenal file that no longer exists.
  • Changed the behavior of some dialogs (ie: job history) to behave like reports dialogs.
  • Viewing the history for multiple jobs now shows all history windows at once (instead of one at a time).
  • All Tools dialogs now have an icon.
  • The Extra Info job properties can now be disabled for normal and/or power users in the User Command Permissions.
  • Added a right-click job script to run the old Frantic Films Gamma Stripper application on rendered Quicktime movies (available on Windows only).
  • Fixed some label alignment issues in the Job Properties window.
  • Scripts are now refreshed when performing a normal Monitor refresh, and the "Reload Scripts/Icons" option in the tools menu is only required to reload Icons (it has been renamed accordingly).
  • Each resizable window in the Monitor now remembers its previous size when being opened again.
  • If you check for stalled slaves from the Tools menu, it will now tell you how many stalled slaves it found.
  • Added an option to the Tools menu to manually check for and return orphaned Limit stubs.
  • Added an option to the Tools menu to configure event plugins.
  • Added a column to the Slave list to show if the slave is connected to Pulse.
  • Scan For Missing Output window now works properly on Linux and OSX.
  • Added a "-repo \\your\repository" command line argument to tell the Monitor which repository to connect to on startup.
  • Removed error dialog that would appear when there were no plugins/events to configure.
  • The Monitor should no longer crash in certain situations when the connection to the repository is lost.
  • Fixed a few typos in the "Locked Jobs" popup messages.
  • Changed "Remote Administrator" references to "Radmin".
  • Jobs no longer become corrupted if an error occurs while Archiving or Unarchiving a job.

Slave Improvements

  • Process priority on Linux and OSX is now supported. It is set to below normal (nice=10) by default.
  • On Windows and Linux, you can now configure a slave's process affinity. Any child processes that the slave starts up (ie: the rendering process) will use the same affinity. You can configure affinity in the Slave Settings in the Monitor.
  • Fixed a memory leak that became obvious when rendering jobs that outputted thousands of lines of stdout per task.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent a Linux or OSX slave from dequeuing concurrent tasks for a job that supports it.
  • Slaves no longer use Pulse's multithreaded code to search for jobs, which should help improve stability in some situations.
  • You can now configure the local slave folder where the Slave copies over plugin and job data. This can be done by setting the "SlaveDataRoot=" key/value pair in the deadline.ini file on each machine. If it's empty or isn't specified, the default is used. The same if it doesn't exist. If it's not rooted, or contains illegal characters, an exception is thrown when the Slave starts up.
  • Multiple attempts are now made to update a Slave's slaveInfo file before reporting a problem.
  • On OSX, failed attempts to query the system's Used Physical Memory will no longer cause a rendering job to fail as well.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Cancel Current Task option to throw an error sometimes.
  • All domain info is now stripped from the slave name.
  • Fixed the non-fatal "ERROR: List of process IDs must follow p" error that would occassionally get printed to the console on Linux.
  • When the slave starts looping on startup because it can't connect to the repository or get a license, it checks the Auto Configuration settings on each iteration.

Pulse Improvements

  • If Pulse is started up and the Pulse settings in the Repository Options don't have a Pulse host name or IP address set yet, Pulse will auto configure itself.
  • Pulse no longer crashes when enabling Web Service Authentication while it is running.
  • Pulse will no longer load jobs that are in the process of being submitted (only after the job has been submitted).
  • Pulse now handles new job notifications on a single thread, which will prevent mass submissions from affecting Pulse's performance.
  • Fixed a KeyNotFoundException that could occur during the Machine Startup check for Power Management.
  • Power Management will no longer try to wake up disabled slaves.
  • Power Management will no longer try to wake up slaves that have been deleted from the repository.

Job Monitor Improvements

  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException that could occur when deleting a job as it's being updated.
  • The job's group is now shown in the tool tip.

Command Improvements

  • The SubmitCommandLineJob option now cleans up the temp files it creates after it is finished submitting the job.
  • The "Execute" option for the RemoteControl command no longer has a timeout.
  • Added SetPoolsForSlave option to set the pool list for one or more slaves.
  • Added SetGroupsForSlave option to set the group list for one or more slaves.
  • The SubmitCommandLineJob option now accepts a -prop argument, which allows you to specify additional job submission properties in the form Key=Value.
  • The SubmitCommandLineJob now creates its temporary file in the Deadline temp folder instead of the system temp folder to avoid potential problems.
  • Added a new InstallLauncherServiceWithLogOn command that's similar to InstallLauncherService, except that it accepts a user name and password for the service account.
  • StartLauncherService can now take Launcher arguments (-noslave, -slave, -pulse) and pass them to the Launcher Service. It also no longer passes -noslave by default.
  • A couple commands have been renamed because their original name was too long for the deadlinecommand usage instructions. The new commands are GetJobTaskTotalTimeNorm and GetJobTaskAverateTimeNorm.
  • SubmitMultipleJobs command now creates its temp files in the Deadline temp folder when the -dependent option is used, and it deletes those temp files after submission is complete.

Repository Setup Wizard Improvements

  • If no repository path is specified at the command line, and it can't be found via the startup path, it now prompts the user to specify a repository path.

Mobile Improvements

  • There is now a Mobile Application for Android.
  • Improved the UI for the iPhone application.
  • Job names with characters like '&', '<', or '>' will no longer corrupt the XML sent from Pulse to the Mobile application.

Scripting Improvements

  • Tool tips can now be specified for most controls in the ScriptDialog. Tool tips have been added to all Monitor submission scripts that are shipped with Deadline.
  • Radio buttons now have separate entries for their names and text, which allows you to have more than one radio button with the same text. The old method of adding radio buttons still works to maintain backward compatibility.
  • MultiFileBrowserControl now supports autocompletion of files and folders, not just folders.
  • CheckPathMappingInFile functions no longer parse each line of a file if there are no path mappings defined.
  • The AddRow, AddGroupBox, AddTabControl, and AddTabPage functions for the ScriptDialog now return a reference to the corresponding control (which is a standard .NET control object).
  • The limit group script control now uses the previously selected limits as the default when showing the limit selection window.
  • ScriptUtils utility functions are now deprecated, and they have been split into ClientUtils and RepositoryUtils.
  • Added a ClientUtils function to get the current Deadline user.
  • Added RepositoryUtils functions to get/save jobs, slave infos, slave settings, pulse infos, user infos, and limits.
  • Added RepositoryUtils functions to add/remove pools and groups.
  • Added functions so that job and slave scripts in the Monitor can refresh the selected jobs/slaves.
  • If the LoadSettings function for the ScriptDialog fails to parse out a particular value, this will no longer prevent the ScriptDialog from displaying. Instead, the control with the unparseable value will just revert to the default value for that control.
  • The SynchronizeDirectories function now properly removes obsolete folders from the destination directory (it already did this for files).
  • Pre/Post job scripts can now make use of the globally defined plugin functions (they couldn't previously because they were undefined).
  • SliderControl's initial value is set properly for the slider.
  • Added Path Mapping functions to the RepositoryUtils functions.
  • Frame range functions in FrameUtils should now work with negative frame ranges.
  • Commands called using ExecuteCommand now share the same data cache (for jobs, slaves, etc) with the other API functions.

Plugin Improvements

3ds Max Improvements

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2012. Note that due to a maxscript bug in the initial release of 3ds Max 2012, the integrated submission scripts will not work. However, this bug has been addressed in 3ds Max 2012 Hotfix 1. If you cannot apply this patch, it means that you must submit your 3ds Max 2012 jobs from the Deadline Monitor.
  • When rendering to the new EXR format, Deadline will no longer save separate files for the render elements that are embedded in the EXR image.
  • The VRay frame buffer is no longer disabled by Deadline. Rendering raw VRay images and splitting the render elements using the VRay frame buffer should now work as expected.
  • When rendering VRay jobs, most of the useless output (ie: updating object X, compiling geometry X, etc) is now filtered out of the job logs. In one test, this trimmed a 210,000 line log file down to 400 lines.
  • The File Number Base option is now supported again.
  • The Plugin.UserSettings.ini in the 3ds Max installation folder is now used properly if useLocalProfiles is disabled.
  • Renderer specific settings for the Quicksilver renderer are now supported.
  • Added a popup handler for a DRA Exception dialog.
  • Changed the wording of "Restarting 3dsmax after each frame: 0" in the render log to "Restarting renderer after each frame: 0", since only the renderer is actually restarted.
  • Fixed some batch rendering bugs (rps files are now submitted with the job, and are loaded from the correct location).
  • Jobs will no longer fail if an enabled render element has an empty path.
  • If a STDOUT message is printed during the loading of the scene, it will no longer result in the job failing.
  • Added a popup ignorer for the "Batch Render In Progress" popup
  • Fixed a possible error in EndJob that could prevent 3dsmax from being shutdown.
  • Fixed a tile assembler error when rendering with 3dsmax 9.
  • Added pre/post maxscript options to the Monitor submission script.
  • SMTD
    • SMTD is now resizable.
    • The Ignore Render Elements text in SMTD has been changed to Do Not Save Render Elements. When this option is enabled, the Render Elements will still be rendered, but they won't be saved in separate files. This option is useful when rendering multipass EXRs.
    • Sanity check performance has been vastly improved when there are lots of checks to be made.
    • The popup dialog that appears when rendering with tiles and copying over local textures has been removed because is no longer required.
    • The option to render tiles as a single job has be moved to the single tile panel, and when it is unchecked, the other related options are disabled.
    • The "Restart Renderer between frames" option is now on by default when rendering with VRay or Mental Ray.
    • The mental ray bucket order setting is now properly exported.
    • When copying external files during submission, SMTD now finds HDR files.
    • When copying external files, SMTD no longer prints out each file name to the log window. This speeds up the copy operation.
    • Added an option to the Scripts tab in SMTD to disable popup handling when submitting a maxscript job.
    • Added a sanity check to SMTD to look for Render Elements with empty paths.

3dsCommand Improevements

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2012. Note that due to a maxscript bug in the initial release of 3ds Max 2012, the integrated submission scripts will not work. However, this bug has been addressed in 3ds Max 2012 Hotfix 1. If you cannot apply this patch, it means that you must submit your 3ds Max 2012 jobs from the Deadline Monitor.

After Effects Improvements

  • Fixed a problem with illegal characters when selecting job dependencies or limits.
  • The memory management percentages now have a minimum of 20%, since After Effects won't accept values lower than that.
  • Optical Flares License popup is now handled.

Blender Improvements

  • A new submission script for Blender 2.5 and later is now included.
  • You can now specify the build of Blender to use when submitting a job.
  • Fixed an "undefined 'version' variable" error that would occur when the blender executable couldn't be found.

Cinema 4D Improvements

  • There is now a Python version of the integrated C4D submission script that works on both Windows and OSX. This script is only compatible with C4D 12 and later.
  • Because Cinema 4D 12 now writes its output to stdout, Deadline will only worry about looking for the RENDERLOG.txt file in versions 11 and earlier.
  • Added progress handling for multi-frame tasks. Note that this only works on OSX because the Windows version of C4D doesn't flush its stdout until it exits.
  • A license error printed to stdout is now caught.
  • The "Error loading document" error is now handled properly.
  • The C4D RENDERLOG.txt file is now found properly on OSX.

Combustion Improvements

  • The submitter now properly detects if the Global Input/Output Paths are valid.

Composite/Toxik Improvements

  • Added support for Composite 2012.
  • Enabled popup handling.

DJV Improvements

  • Added support for DJV

Fusion Improvements

  • Added a new integrated submitter that uses IUP to create the submission interface. The original submitter is still included.
  • The default Frames Per Task is now 5.
  • The /quiet argument is now passed to Fusion to help suppress popups.

Houdini Improvements

  • Any warnings that occur when loading the Houdini scene file will no longer cause the render to fail.

Lightwave Improvements

  • Added a plugin configuration option to have FPrime use a local config folder when rendering, which helps avoid the "Cannot create temporary config directory" error when using a shared Config folder.
  • Deadline will now fail jobs when the "Cannot create temporary config directory" error is detected.
  • Path Mapping can now be disabled from the plugin configuration. If enabled, you now have some control over how the temporary Lightwave file is created (a temporary file is required because the paths are replaced directly in the Lightwave file).
  • The default lwsn paths for LW 10 are now correct.

Mantra Standalone Improvements

  • The Mantra plugin now supports IFD files that don't use the same padding length. For example, file_8.IFD, file_9.IFD, file_10.IFD, etc.
  • Enabled popup handling, and added a popup handler for a DSO error dialog.

Maxwell Improvements

  • A node license is now used by default, and you can configure the Maxwell plugin to use an interactive license on specific machines.
  • When specifying an MXI file, you now have the option to have Maxwell use it to resume a render job if that MXI file already exists. This means that if you suspend a Maxwell job from the Monitor mid-render, it will resume from where it left off when you resume the job.

Maya Improvements

  • Added support for Maya 2012.
  • You can now submit a vrscene export job from within Maya, and you can submit a dependent VRay standalone job that will render the exported vrscene files.
  • Tile rendering with VRay now works properly when using the MayaBatch plugin.
  • Tile assembly now works properly when not submitting a single job tile render.
  • The Threads option is now supported for Renderman for Maya jobs.
  • Submitting jobs as separate layers now uses each layer's respective frame range by default.
  • When rendering with Maxwell for Maya, a Maxwell node license is now used by default, and you can configure the Maxwell plugin to use an interactive license on specific machines.
  • Fixed a "filetest" error that could occur in Maya 2011 when submitting export jobs.
  • Fixed an error on OSX that would occur during rendering if the DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable wasn't defined.
  • Fixed a bug in the integrated submitter that would sometimes cause the global repository root path to be corrupted on OSX.

Mental Ray Standalone Improvements

  • Fixed a bug in the RenderExecutable plugin function that would result in Deadline looking for ray.bat when the user specified ray.exe in the Plugin Configuration.

modo Improvements

  • Added support for modo 5xx.
  • You can now configure Automatic Geometry Cache settings in the modo plugin configuration.
  • Added threads option to submitter.
  • Added version specific output formats (since they differ between versions).
  • Added layered format options.
  • For modo 4xx and earlier on Mac, the -console flag is passed to the renderer because modo_cl wasn't introduced until 5xx.
  • For modo 4xx and later, modo now logs to stdout during rendering.
  • Fixed incorrect spelling of 'modo' (it should have been all lowercase).

Nuke Improvements

  • Negative frames can now be rendered.
  • Python submission script is now sized properly.
  • Python submission script no longer mixes up the Pool and Group during submission.
  • Fixed an IOError that can occur with the Python submission script when stdout is read from deadlinecommand before it finishes running.
  • Submission now works even when the Python submission script can't detect any enabled write nodes. A case where this is necessary is when a write node is embedded in a group.
  • The option to submit each write node as a separate job is disabled if no enabled top-level write nodes are detected.
  • Added an option to use NukeX for rendering instead of Nuke.
  • Added a browse button for the limit groups option so that you can easily select which limit group(s) to use.
  • Added Machine List and Job Dependency options to the Nuke submitter.
  • The option to submit each write node as a separate job now works again.
  • When enabling the option to submit each write node as a separate job, the frame range for each write node is now respected.
  • Added an option to submit only the selected write nodes when submitting each write node as a separate job.
  • Added submission option to only submit write nodes with "read file" enabled when submitting each write node as a separate job.
  • Task progress now gets updated properly when rendering jobs with multiple write nodes.
  • Path Mapping can now be disabled from the plugin configuration. If enabled, you now have some control over how the temporary Nuke file is created (a temporary file is required because the paths are replaced directly in the Nuke file).

Python/IronPython Improvements

  • A new generic Python plugin has been added.
  • A new generic IronPython plugin has been added.

Quicktime Improvements

  • Improved Quicktime stability on OSX.
  • Fixed memory issues in the OSX version of the quicktime generator.
  • Quality has been improved in the OSX version.
  • Non-integer frame rates like 29.97 are now properly supported on OSX.
  • Non-integer frame rates like 29.97 can now be set from the Job Properties in the Monitor (decimal places weren't supported previously).
  • A QT job will now fail with a proper error message if the settings file submitted with the job was created on an OS that differs from the one it's rendering on. This is because a Windows settings file only works on Windows, and the same with OSX.
  • The correct path separator is now enforced based on the operating system.
  • Fusion 6 codecs are now properly installed for the Fusion Quicktime submitter.

Renderman (RIB) Improvements

  • There is no longer a long delay when selecting a large rib file in the submitter.

Rhino Improvements

  • Rendering is now performed by using Rhino's command line capabilities. In the Rhino plugin configuration, you must now specify the path to the Rhino.exe executable.
  • The submitter now correctly warns you of a local Rhino file if it is not being submitted with the job.

RVIO Improvements

  • Spinners for start and end frames for the input sources now support frame numbers larger than 99,999.

Softimage Improvements

  • Added support for Softimage 2012.
  • The default workgroup in the submission window is now pulled from the Softimage preferences.
  • The XSIBatch plugin now supports a semicolon-separated list of workgroup paths (the XSI plugin already did).
  • Tile assembly now works properly when not submitting a single job tile render.
  • Removed "Return Codes To Ignore" option from XSIBatch plugin configuration because return codes aren't checked in this plugin.
  • The error message "ERROR : 2004 - Invalid pointer - [line 2]" is now ignored because it is not fatal.
  • Fixed a bug in tile rendering that could result in missing rows and/or columns of pixels.

Vray Standalone Improvements

  • There is now an option to submit a dependent Vrimg2Exr job when rendering to the vrimg format.

Vrimg2Exr Improvements

  • Added support for VRay's vrimg2exr application. Conversion jobs can be submitted from the Submit menu in the Monitor.
  • There is a job right-click script that will automatically find any vrimg output files and set up a Vrimg2Exr job.

Vue Improvements

  • Added support for Vue 9.