New Features In Deadline 5.2.49424 (Released December 12, 2012)


This release fixes some issues that have come up since 5.2 was released, and also adds support for some new applications like Cinema 4D 14, Nuke 7, and Rhino 5. It also ships with Draft 1.0 and some sample template scripts that can be found in the Draft folder in the Repository.

If you already have a 5.2 license, a new license is NOT required for this maintenance release.

Highlighted Features

Windows 8 and Mountain Lion Support

Deadline now supports these OS versions. Note that you must install XQuartz on Mountain Lion, since it no longer ships with X11.

Draft 1.0 Included

Draft 1.0 is now shipped with the Repository installer, and some sample template scripts that can be found in the Draft folder in the Repository.

Supported Software Updates

Support has been added for Cinema 4D 14, Nuke 7, and Rhino 5.

General Improvements

  • The Tile Assembler now supports assembling tiled EXR files. Previously, it only supported scanline EXR files.
  • The process of creating temporary files in the Repository temp folder to get the system date is now more robust, which should help ensure that these temporary files are cleaned up properly.
  • Reduced the number of possible temporary files a Deadline application can create when getting the Repository date. This should prevent Slaves from crashing if a misbehaving application isn't cleaning up its temporary files properly.
  • If multiple attempts are required to save an XML file to the repository, the interval between attempts is now longer.
  • Errors that occur when saving an XML file to the repository are now shown in the application log.

Installer Improvements

  • On OSX, the Client installer can now continue if either X11 or XQuartz is installed.

Launcher Improvements

  • The Launcher service now has a TCPIP dependency, meaning that it won't start until networking is available.
  • When the Launcher service shuts down, it also shuts down the Slave. This ensures that the Slave returns its license before the TCPIP dependency is shut down.

Pulse Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Pulse to crash if there was an error while the web service was authenticating a user.
  • Fixed a bug when attempting to requeue orphaned tasks.
  • In verbose mode, Pulse now prints out how much time it took to load the repository data.
  • Pulse no longer throws an error if a slave makes a second connection to it when there is already an existing connection. It now just prints a warning and closes the old connection.

Slave Improvements

  • When a slave attempts to check out a license, a check is now made to see if that slave already has a license issued to it. If that's the case, it will reuse that license rather than check out a new one.
  • Fixed some auto-configuration bugs.
  • Fixed a bug in License-Free Mode that could cause the Slave to exit on its own.
  • On Linux, the slave now pulls from the resident memory to get the memory usage, instead of the virtual memory.
  • Corrupted job errors should no longer prevent the Slave from requeuing a task, allowing the Slave to move on to a new job.
  • The slave will no longer get stuck trying to requeue a task for a job that is already complete.

Command Improvements

  • Fixed a submission issue with setting the job scheduling settings.
  • The -GetJob command now properly prints out the job's extra key/value pair dictionary.

Event Plugin Improvements

Shotgun Improvements

  • Fixed some data gathering issues.

Draft Improvements

  • Draft 1.0 is now shipped with the Repository installer.
  • The Draft folder in the Repository now contains sample templates.

Plugin Improvements

3dsCmd Improvements

  • VRay's "Render History Note" popup is now ignored.

3ds Max Improvements

  • Removed the Strict 3ds Max Install check from the 3dsmax plugin, since it's no longer required. This fixes the error regarding the backburner installation for 3ds Max 2013 jobs.
  • 3ds Max 2013 jobs now render properly when useUserProfiles is disabled.
  • Added a popup handler for a FumeFx.ini dialog.
  • Added a popup handler for a Hair High-poly Growth dialog.
  • DeadlineUtil.WarnMessage maxscript function now prints out WARNING messages instead of INFO messages.
  • Cebas' PSD-Manager plugin should now work with Deadline. Before, Deadline would throw an error complaining that the output image wasn't saved out properly when this plugin was used.
  • SMTD - Added option to view the current sticky settings.

After Effects Improvements

  • The option to enable local rendering is visible in the integrated submitter again.
  • Fixed a progress reporting bug that would affect some movie renders.
  • Added a popup handler for an AE startup error.
  • Added a new stdout handler to watch for the "Invalid Serial Number" error.

Arnold Standalone Improvements

  • The -nocrashpopup command line option is now only specified when rendering on Windows.

Blender Improvements

  • The integrated submission script now works with Blender 2.63a and later.

Cinema 4D Improvements

  • Added support for Cinema 4D 14.

Houdini Improvements

  • The Monitor submitter now allows you to select .hipnc files.

Maxwell Improvements

  • Added an option for co-op rendering to auto-adjust the sampling level override so that the final merged sampling level matches the requested one.
  • Added a local rendering option.
  • Progress reporting works again.
  • Fixed the default path for the Maxwell 2 merge executable in the plugin configuration.

Maya Improvements

  • The MayaBatch plugin now catches the "Cannot Load Scene" error.
  • Fixed an error when rendering specific render layers with Arnold.
  • The MayaBatch plugin now exposes Krakatoa for Maya options that can be modified after the job is submitted.
  • Added the "No Messages" option when selecting Mental Ray Verbosity.
  • If the scene file contains layers, the VRay Export job now creates a dependent VRay Standalone job for each layer.

Mental Ray Standalone Improvements

  • The job is no longer failed when Mental Ray returns an exit code of 1, which Mental Ray v3.10 returns after a successful render.

Nuke Improvements

  • Added support for Nuke 7.
  • You can now render the selected write nodes only without having to submit each write node as a separate job.
  • When doing Path Mapping, the path separators are now properly set for the original scene file path.
  • Draft jobs now handle frame offsets.
  • Added a stdout handler to catch a licensing error.
  • The integrated Nuke submitter now evaluates output paths before checking the output file name for potential issues.
  • Updated plugin icon.

Rhino Improvements

  • Added support for Rhino 5.
  • Added a popup handler to handle a read-only warning.