New Features In Deadline 5.1.46398 (Released February 7, 2012)


This is primarily a maintenance release that adds a few minor features and fixes some bugs. If you are already running Deadline 5.1, you do not need a new license for this maintenance release.

Continue reading for a complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

General Improvments

  • A Windows Phone 7 version of Deadline Mobile is now available for download from the Windows Phone App Hub.
  • The auto task timeout feature now takes the full task time of completed tasks into account. Before, it only based its calculations on the render times of the tasks.
  • Completed job notification emails no longer switch the output path to a "short" path on Windows.
  • Fixed some issues with lock files in the Repository that could cause errors if the previous lock file was created by a different user.
  • Certain plugins now properly handle Windows paths that start with a single slash.

Installer Improvments

  • The Windows Client Installer no longer adds the "-noslave" argument to the Launcher service. This would prevent the slave from launching when the service started up, even if the Deadline Client was configured to do so.
  • RPMs and DEBs are now available to install the Deadline Client on Linux.

Launcher Improvements

  • When running as a service, the Launcher now forces a machine shutdown/restart when it receives the remote command to do so. Previously, if another user was logged in, the machine wouldn't shutdown/restart until that user logged off.

Monitor Improvements

  • Added option to Remote Control -> Execute Command feature in the Slave list that allows you to execute a remote command and not wait for it to complete.
  • Path Mappings can now be reordered in the Repository Options.
  • Completed and Failed jobs can now be transferred with the job right-click Transfer script.
  • The job right-click Gamma Stripper option is now supported on OSX.
  • The job right-click scripts now perform Path Mappings where necessary.

Slave Improvments

  • When receiving the remote command to cancel the current task(s), the Slave now cancels them immediately. Before, it would wait until the task finished, which completely defeated the purpose of this feature.
  • The tool tip for the system tray icon now shows the name of the Slave it belongs to. This is useful if you are running multiple Slaves on the same machine.
  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur if the Slave couldn't purge old error reports from the Repository.
  • Slaves no longer report errors when they are working on an interruptible job and that job is deleted from the Repository.

Command Improvments

  • The auxiliary files that are submitted with a job are no longer sorted prior to being copied to the Repository. This fixes an issue with the Alternate Auxiliary Path option for jobs that could cause the wrong files to be placed in the alternate location.
  • Command line submission no longer accepts ConcurrentTasks=0 in the job info file. It is now clamped to 1-16, which is what it should have been.

Scripting Improvments

  • Added new RepositoryUtils functions to query the Alternate Auxiliary file location for jobs: GetAlternateAuxiliaryPath(), GetWindowsAlternateAuxiliaryPath(), GetLinuxAlternateAuxiliaryPath(), and GetMacAlternateAuxiliaryPath(). Note that the first one determines the path based on the current OS.
  • Some of the path mapping utility functions weren't logging path replacements to the job render log.

Plugin Improvements

  • 3dsmax Improvements
    • Fixed a drop down list tooltip error in SMTD that occurred in 3dsmax 2008 and earlier.
    • Maxscript jobs can now work if the scene file isn't submitted with the job.
    • Fixed a couple issues with the latest version of the Maxwell renderer.
    • Batch master job no longer fails because it can't find
    • The Monitor submitter now lets you select the Design edition when submitting a 3dsmax 2012 job.
    • There is now a submission option to force each task a slave picks up for the job to render on one CPU. This can be useful when doing single threaded renders and the Concurrent Tasks setting is greater than 1.
    • Fixed SMTD errors when submitting a Quicksilver job from 3dsmax 2012.
    • Added XMesh properties that can be edited from the 3dsmax tab in the Job Properties window in the Monitor.
    • Image resolution can no longer be changed from the Monitor for tile jobs, because this could mess things up with the tile sizes.
  • After Effects Improvements
    • Added option to integrated submitter to export an AEP project as an XML (AEPX) file before submission. The original AEP file is then restored after submission is finished.
    • Path mapping within aepx files now works properly when an OSX project is rendered on Windows.
    • Added a stdout handler to try and catch a Trapcode license error.
  • Blender Improvements
    • The integrated submission script now works again in Blender 2.5 and later. The previous one was developed for a beta version of 2.5, and the Blender API had changed between the beta and release versions.
  • Cinema 4D Improvements
    • The integrated submitter now handles the special case where the output path ends in a digit.
    • Changed the "Description" label in the integrated submitter to "Department".
  • Fusion Improvements
    • Using the "comp:" variable in your saver paths now works, providing that you do not submit the comp with the job.
    • The error message when checking the saver output fails now includes the proper support email address.
  • Nuke Improvements
    • The integrated submitter now sets the machine limit property correctly.
  • RealFlow Improvements
    • The integrated submitter now works on OSX.
  • RVIO Improvements
    • Image sequences with padding sizes other than 4 are now supported.
    • Output and Audio codecs can now be selected from a drop down list instead of having to manually type in the codec code.
    • When submittion RVIO jobs from the job right-click Scripts menu, the output path now ensures there aren't 2 or more periods before the "mov" extension.
  • Vue Improvements
    • The Monitor submitter now has the option to submit Vue 10 jobs.