New Features In Deadline 5.1.47014 (Released April 17, 2012)


This is primarily a maintenance release that adds a few minor features and fixes some bugs. If you are already running Deadline 5.1, you do not need a new license for this maintenance release.

Continue reading for a complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

General Improvments

  • Statistics in the Postgres database are now stored using a 24 hour clock for times.
  • Fixed a bug in the Tile Assembler that was preventing some image properties from being setup properly in the assembled image (ie: DPI).

Launcher Improvements

  • The Launcher Service on Windows no longer gets stuck in the "Starting" state.

Pulse Improvements

  • The web service now decodes the URL from any request it receives.

Slave Improvments

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the Slave from moving on from its task if that task is already in the completed state.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a stalled slave to corrupted archived jobs after restarting.

Command Improvements

  • The Python engine is now only loaded when running the -ExecuteScript commands. This should improve the speed when running other commands.
  • The -SubmitCommandLineJob command now supports <STARTFRAME%#> and <ENDFRAME%#> key words. The # represents the length of padding used for the start and end frame respecitively. For example, <STARTFRAME%4> will pad the start frame to a length of 4.
  • The -SetSlaveSetting command now supports IncludeInNonePool and IncludeInNoneGroup.
  • The -GetSlaveSetting command now returns the cpuaffinity value correctly.
  • The -GetJob command now works with a comma-separated list of job IDs.

Power Management Improvements

  • Fixed some bugs in our SNMP code that was preventing Thermal Shutdown from working with certain temperature sensors.
  • Fixed a bug in the Machine Startup feature that could occur when there were multiple Power Management groups.

Event Plugin Improvements

  • Draft
    • Path Mapping is now done at render time, which allows render jobs and Draft jobs to run on different operating systems.
    • The Draft event plugin now allows users to specify relative output path for Draft output.
  • Shotgun
    • The Shotgun event plugin now behaves properly when Create Version On Submission is disabled.

Plugin Improvements

  • After Effects
    • The integrated submitter now works with CS3 again. Because tabbed panels are not supported in CS3, we had to remove the Shotgun, Draft, and advanced options that are normally available on the 2nd tab page. These options are still available in CS4 and later.
    • Added a new "Multi-Machine Rendering" mode feature. This feature works with AE's "Skip Existing Frames" feature to allow multiple Deadline slaves to work on the entire AE project file simultaneously. The normal method of splitting up frames into tasks is still recommended, but some users had requested this feature.
    • When doing Path Mapping on .aepx files, Deadline now switches / to \ on Windows.
    • Fixed a rounding error when calculating the frame range in the integrated submitter.
    • The option to submit a Draft job is now sticky.
    • Added stdout handler to catch the CS5.5 license error.
  • Cinema 4D
    • Removed the title bar from the integrated submitter, which has the buttons for minimizing, maximizing, and closing the submitter. This was because closing the submitter with the [x] button on OSX was causing Cinema 4D to crash.
  • Command Script
    • The Startup Directory is now optional.
    • Submission no longer fails if the Startup Directory doesn't exist, which allows for cross-platform submissions.
  • FFMpeg
    • File sequences are now supported for input.
  • Lightwave
    • Added a stdout handler to catch WSN's frozen layout error.
  • Maya
    • 3delight error messages are now caught by Deadline.
    • Vray progress reporting is now working properly again.
    • Fixed a bug when rendering Maxwell 2.6 jobs with the MayaBatch plugin.
    • The MayaCmd plugin can now handle UNC paths on Windows that start with a single slash.
    • Fixed some .mi file naming bugs when submitting a Mental Ray Export Job with a dependent Mental Ray standalone job.
    • The Pixel Aspect Ratio is no longer passed by Deadline to Maya. This was causing some issues with the output resolution.
    • Fixed some output path issues when the "single frame" animation option is selected. For example, Tile Rendering a "single frame" should now work properly.
  • Mental Ray
    • The job submitter in the Monitor no longer complains about a bad output path.
  • Nuke
    • The integrated Nuke submitter now evaluates output paths that contain TCL elements so that the output path can be opened from the Monitor.
    • Fixed the integrated Nuke submitter to work with Proxy paths when the Nuke Script is in proxy mode.
  • Rhino
    • Added V-Ray for Matrix renderer option.
  • VRay Standalone
    • Path slashes in the intput and output paths are now fixed based on the operating system.
  • Vrimg2Exr
    • Added more default paths to the executable used for conversion.
    • Added option to crop the EXR data window (enabled by default).
    • Default compression is now zips.
    • Added stdout handler to catch errors when opening the vrimg file.