New Features In Deadline 5.2.47700 (Released June 27, 2012)


This Deadline release improves the stability of the Slave on Linux, including the fix for a bug that could prevent the Slave from launching new rendering processes until it was restarted. It also supports many new versions of rendering applications, and introduces a new plugin for Anime Studio. Finally, it adds some new features and fixes various bugs.

Note that a new 5.2 license is required to run this version, and that Deadline 5.2 uses the new thinkbox license server that was introduced with Deadline 5.1.

Highlighted Features

Slave Stability Improvements On Linux

A resource leak in the Slave has been fixed. This leak could result in the Slave being unable to start new rendering processes until it was restarted. In addition, Deadline uses even more system libraries now, which reduces the number of external processes the Slave starts up to almost zero. System libraries are now used to determine if an application is 32 or 64 bit, and to control the affinity of the rendering process. The couple of cases where Deadline still uses external process to gather data are performed a single time when the Slave starts up.

Render Process Environment Variables

In the plugin script that can be used for pre-render processing, it is now possible to set environment variables that are only used by the rendering process. The script can access the job's properties, and set environment variables based on them, allowing the environment to be customized based on any number of things (the job's user, project, etc). The Slave's and the machine's environment will remain unchanged, and the next rendering process that is launched will have a clean environment again. The new function that can be used by the script for this is SetProcessEnvironmentVariable(). See the Plug-in Scripting section of the Deadline documentation for more information.

In addition, Deadline now automatically exports two of its own environment variables to the rendering process. The variables are DEADLINE_BIN and DEADLINE_USER, which contain the rendering process executable path, and the job's user, respectively. The former can be used by shell scripts on Linux and Mac OSX to run the rendering process using the job's user account, rather than the account that the slave is running as. See the new Render Jobs As Job's User section of the Deadline documentation for more information.

Arnold Export Job Type for Maya

In Maya, you can now submit a job that exports .ass files from the Maya scene file. In addition, you can set up a dependent Arnold Standalone job that will render the .ass files after they are exported.

Supported Software Updates

Support has been added for 3ds Max 2013 (requires 3ds Max 2013 Update 2), After Effects CS6, Anime Studio, Arnold for Maya, Composite 2013, Houdini 12, Maya 2013, modo 6xx (including support for its new Render Passes feature), and Softimage 2013.

General Improvements

  • Removed Mono.Posix.dll and Mono.Security.dll from the install bin folder on Linux and OSX. These are unecessary on these operating systems, and could potentially cause conflicts with the existing Mono installation.
  • Certificate validation errors are now ignored by Deadline, which makes it easier for Deadline to use mail servers that require SSL.
  • Dependent jobs now release properly if one or more of their dependencies become archived.
  • The 'readelf' process on Linux is no longer used to get the bitness of an executable.
  • The 'taskset' process on Linux is no longer used to set processor affinity.
  • Fixed an ArgumentException that could occur when flushing text to the application logs.

Installer Improvements

  • The Windows Client installer now installs the VC++ 2010 redistributables needed for the 3dsmax 2013 lightning plugin.

Monitor Improvements

  • New Slave scripts now appear after using Reload Icons for Scripts and Plugins.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException that could occur on startup.
  • Fixed a tooltip typo for the Whitelist/Blacklist options in the job properties Machine Limit tab.
  • Password options in User Settings are now encrypted.
  • Fixed some typos.

Slave Improvements

  • Fixed a resource leak in the Slave on Linux that could prevent it from launching new rendering processes until it was restarted.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Slaves on Windows from finding queued tasks on OSX Lion Repositories.
  • The On Last Task Complete options in the Slave's Control menu now work properly again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused post-job scripts to fail during their first run.
  • Fixed an error that occurred during the EndJob phase when a job had a post-job script.
  • The Slave now exports DEADLINE_USER and DEADLINE_BIN environment variables to the rendering process. They contain the job's user and the process' executable path, respectively.

Command Improvements

  • Python.NET event plugins now fire properly when submitting through Deadline Command.

Scripting Improvements

  • Added GetCurrentTaskID() function to the plugin API to get the current task ID.
  • Added plugin API functions to setup environment variables that are only passed to the rendering process. The slave's environment is left unchanged. These functions are SetProcessEnvironmentVariable( string key, string value ), GetProcessEnvironmentVariable( string key ), and ClearProcessEnvironmentVariables().

Event Plugin Improvements

Shotgun Improvements

  • Updated the Shotgun API to 3.0.9beta2.
  • The Shotgun event plugin no longer generates output/error messages when executing on unrelated jobs.
  • Fixed a type conversion bug in the Shotgun event plugin.

Draft Improvements

  • The Draft event plugin no longer generates output/error messages when executing on unrelated jobs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Draft jobs from working on 32 bit Windows machines.

Plugin Improvements

3ds Max Improvements

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2013. Note that 3ds Max 2013 Update 2 must be installed for rendering to work properly.
  • Rendering now works if the MaxData folder has been changed from its default value.
  • Fixed a UTF8 error when rendering files with non-ascii characters in the path.
  • Added option to SMTD to save the scene and not submit it with the job.
  • Added option to SMTD to rebuild the render elements prior to submission, which can help fix potential issues. It's in the Pathing rollout under the Render tab.
  • In SMTD, the One CPU Per Task option no longer overlaps the Automatically Update Job Name setting.
  • Added CurrentTask property to the DeadlineUtil maxscript interface to get the current task ID.

After Effects Improvements

  • Added support for After Effects CS6.
  • Multi-Machine rendering now works when submitting from the Monitor.

Anime Studio Improvements

  • Added support for Anime Studio.

Cinema 4D Improvements

  • The 64 bit Windows executables are now included in the default paths for Cinema 4D 12 and 13.
  • An error is now generated when Cinema 4D prints out "Project not found".

Composite Improvements

  • Added support for Composite 2013.

Draft Improvements

  • Fixed some issues when submitting Draft jobs from within Shotgun.

Houdini Improvements

  • Added support for Houdini 12.
  • The integrated submitter now sets the default value for the IFD export option properly.

Lightwave Improvements

  • Improved progress reporting of Lightwave renders. This is for non-Screamernet jobs only, because Screamernet jobs do not report progress to stdout.
  • When forcing 32/64 bit rendering on OSX, the 'arch' command is used to launch Lightwave in the corresponding mode.

Maya Improvements

  • Added support for Maya 2013.
  • Added support for Arnold for Maya.
  • Added an Arnold Export job type, which can export the scene to .ass files, and then have a dependent Arnold standalone job render them.
  • Added a stdout handler to catch a mental ray error when it can't create an output file.
  • The "(multichannel)" postfix is now stripped from the output file name that is sent to Deadline.
  • When submitting multiple scenes from the Monitor submitter, the scene name is now appended to the job name.

modo Improvements

  • Added support for modo 6xx.
  • Added support for modo 6xx's new Render Passes feature.

Nuke Improvements

  • Nuke submitter now ensures there is at least one write node that doesn't have "read in" enabled.
  • Sticky Shotgun settings are now saved properly.

Quicktime Improvements

  • Default pool is now "none" instead of "fusion".

Rhino Improvements

  • If VRay is the selected renderer, Deadline will get Rhino to run a script that ensures the Batch Render option is enabled in the Rhino scene file.

Rib Improvements

  • During submission, the Monitor submitter now parses the rib file for Display lines so that Deadline is aware of the output paths.
  • Added Draft support to the Monitor submitter (assuming that the submitter is able to parse out absolute Display paths from the rib file).

Softimage Improvements

  • Added support for Softimage 2013.

VRay Standalone Improvements

  • Added the option to the submitter to specify additional command line arguments to pass to VRay.

Vue Improvements

  • Added stdout handler to catch file write errors.