Deadline (January 16, 2017)

This is the fourteenth revision release for Deadline 8.0, and is focused on fixing minor bugs that have surfaced over the course of the 8.0 release cycle. In addition, support for Nuke 10.5 and RealFlow 10 has been added, and Draft has been updated to version

This version also uses a new system to support usage based licensing for VRay. As a result, the old system will be shut down, which means users must be running this version or later to continue using VRay usage based licensing. Note that this change does not affect the VRay render time that has already been purchased, and it will still be available in the Customer Portal. The change only affects the version of Deadline that must be used to consume that render time.

See the Deadline 8.0 User Manual for the full list of changes that were made as part of the fourteenth revision release.