Deadline (February 2, 2017)

This is the fifteenth revision release for Deadline 8.0, and is focused on fixing minor bugs that have surfaced over the course of the 8.0 release cycle.

This version also no longer ships with the MongoDB database binaries. Instead, the Repository installer will download MongoDB if required. This allows the installer to target the recommended MongoDB version for the current operating system without having to ship multiple versions of MongoDB with Deadline, which cuts down on installer size and complexity. The installation documentation has also been updated to include step by step instructions for manually installing MongoDB in the case where an internet connection isn’t present, or the installer doesn’t support installing MongoDB on the current operating system.

Finally, this version updates Draft to 1.5.5. Note that this version of Draft removes support for DNxHD.

See the Deadline 8.0 User Manual for the full list of changes.