Deadline (October 16, 2018)

This release includes new features, as well as many minor improvements and bug fixes.

Text highlighting has been added to the Report and Console panels in the Monitor, and to the Log Streaming windows for other Client applications like Slave and Pulse. This makes it easier to find error messages, and differentiate between Deadline messages and stdout in the task logs.

Housecleaning operations (House Cleaning, Pending Job Scan, and Repository Repair) are no longer performed by Client applications like Pulse and Slave when they are connected to a Remote Connection Server (RCS). Instead, the RCS will periodically perform these operations. This increases the stability of the RCS and improves the performance of these operations.

This release also includes support for Cinema 4D 20 and Rhino 6.

Note: If you are upgrading from Deadline 10.0.20 or earlier and you have a previous AWS Portal deployment, this version of Deadline requires an update to the IAM profile. Please see the documentation for information on how to update the configuration: Creating an IAM Policy

See the Deadline 10 User Manual for the complete release notes.

Visit the Thinkbox Downloads Website and login with your Amazon or AWS account to access the Deadline installers.

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