Deadline (July 25th, 2018)

This is the eighteenth revision release for Deadline 10.0. It fixes a few bugs that have been reported during the 10.0 release cycle and adds some minor improvements, including support for Corona 2 for 3ds Max, Harmony 15, Katana 3, SketchUp 2018, and V-Ray Next (Standalone and for 3ds Max).

This release also adds new features to Path Mapping. Tokens can now be specified in the path mapping rule sets, which are then replaced with their actual value when needed. Tokens can be based on certain job properties, environment variables, or system values. In addition, new Submission-Time path mapping rule sets can be defined. Any tokens in the Path Mapping rule set are replaced based on the values of the tokens at submission time and stored with the job. When a path mapping is needed on a path for the job, the actual path mapping is then applied. A common use case for these new features is to map a Drive letter from a user’s workstation to a UNC path for that user when rendering on the farm.

See the Deadline 10 User Manual for the complete release notes.

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