wrap your next katana job with deadline 8

You can purchase KATANA® licences on a per-hour basis for Deadline 8 through the Thinkbox Store

Deadline is a hassle-free administration and compute management toolkit for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX based render farms.

KATANA® is fully supported in Deadline, offering a number of exclusive features:

  • Enter the node in the Katana scene to render, or leave blank to render with a default render node
  • Submit multiple Katana jobs to Deadline, respecting scene/render node hierarchy.
  • Per-frame dependency between multiple KATANA jobs.
  • Monitor and deeply integrated in-app submitter within KATANA
  • In-app submitter can be floating/docked in a KATANA panel workflow
  • ImageWrite node support to support KATANA compositing tasks post render
  • Support for both Windows and Linux versions
  • Cross-platform path mapping supported
  • Deadline provides a submitter installer to ease local client submission script/ui installation

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“To put it simply: Deadline changed the way we operate as a company"
"The scalability increase over our previous queue manager cannot be overstated" 
"The robustness of Deadline makes Thinkbox rise above the competition"