More production work is being done in the cloud than ever before, yet we have only begun to scratch the surface of the performance and scale that the cloud can bring to many facets of production. Join Chris Bond, Founder of Thinkbox Software and Director Product at AWS, to learn how some of our customers are making the transition and building stable pipelines to move their assets and shots to the cloud.



Chris Bond, Founder, Thinkbox Founder, Director Product Management EC2, AWS

Chris Bond is the founder of Thinkbox Software, and post-acquisition he is Director Product Management EC2, where he continues to work with customers to help solve their production challenges. With over two decades in the visual effects industry, Bond has served as VFX Supervisor on dozens of feature films and has collaborated on over 40 film projects in a variety of creative and technical roles in pre-visualization, production and post-production.

An active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, his extensive production experience informs each development decision, shaping Thinkbox into a company that understands the daily production challenges facing artists and responds accordingly. Designed under Bond’s deliberate direction, Thinkbox’s robust and frequent software releases alleviate the computing loads of traditional 3D applications, freeing artists to spend more time creating and less time waiting for projects to load and render.


Jason Fotter, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Fuse FX

Jason Fotter is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of FuseFX. Fotter has a strong history in the visual effects industry, starting his career as an artist and then migrating to the technology side. He brings a unique perspective to the technological needs of FuseFX and as emerged as a leader in driving innovation for Visual Effects workflows.

As CTO, Fotter’s primary focus is to oversee the development of the Nucleus platform and the company’s technical infrastructure. Developing a digitally robust, efficient, and secure creative hub for all projects in the facility remains his constant focus. His expertise and knowledge in the post production and VFX process has enabled FuseFX to develop the most efficient workflow in the business. Fotter is also well versed in cloud technology and FuseFX has become an early adopter and leader in developing innovative cloud workflows.

A talented visual effects artist and technologist, Fotter’s career credits span commercials, episodic television, feature films, and music videos. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his 20-year career and is always eager to learn and adopt new technologies that will keep FuseFX ahead of the curve and leading the charge in Visual Effects Production.