Learn how AWS, along with partners Teradici and Sohonet, enables a virtual workstation environment for VFX content creation. Using AWS G3 instances, this PCoIP solution for creative professionals delivers a pixel perfect, color accurate, fully-interactive native desktop experience for both Windows and Linux platforms. This is ideal for visual effects artists who also require various input peripherals such as latest generation Wacom 8K pressure sensitive tablets and Wacom Cintiq monitors to work as seamlessly as they do on-premises.



 Ian Main, Technical Marketing Principal, Teradici

Ian has over 10 years of experience at Teradici, involved in performance benchmarking, architectural aspects of PCoIP design and customer requirements analysis, with particular focus on the media and entertainment industry.     



Mike Owen, Solutions Architect, AWS

Mike Owen is an experienced Solutions Architect at AWS Thinkbox with over 17 years’ experience, primarily working on visual effects architectures in the Media and Entertainment sector. His high-performance computing background helps clients make efficient use of AWS for compute and storage workloads. Previously, Mike was a customer and developer on Thinkbox’s flagship product, Deadline – a highly, distributed compute management platform.

Mike spends much of his time working with customers, designing and implementing VFX architectures in AWS and road-mapping new features for future versions of Deadline and AWS services. Mike regularly presents at a number of events including NAB, Siggraph, IBC, AWS re:Invent and industry summits. Prior to AWS & Thinkbox, Mike was CTO, managing the pipeline, infrastructure and engineering teams at award winning automotive digital agency, Burrows, across its 4 offices. Mike has many years commercial VFX/IT experience, specializing in automotive visualization on behalf of the Ford Motor Company. Mike holds multiple awards for both creative and software development work.

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Ken Rudman, Chief Marketing Officer, Sohonet. 

Ken has over 20 years' experience in product management, product development and product marketing with internet icons like Citysearch, Overture, Yahoo!, Idealab and AT&T Interactive along with M&E tech leaders Technicolor and Civolution, with particular focus on platform services, OTT content delivery, digital workflows and content security. He is an advocate for strong opinions, creative solutions and sour beer.