The security of customer content, and the privacy of your data, is of ultimate importance to AWS. We not only invest a very large amount of resources in industry compliance and audits, but also on security features across our services to accomplish the specific security/compliance requirements that span different industry workloads. In the Media & Entertainment Content Production and Distribution space, we have been working with the major studios, broadcasters, and the relevant security groups such as the MPAA and CDSA to come up with the architecture design patterns using AWS Security controls. In this session we go in-depth on these AWS Security controls and architecture patterns related to Studio Grade Security requirements. We also cover the latest security features and services at AWS that enable our customers to build highly secure environments involving pre-release/tier-1 content, and we’ll have large-scale customer examples to reference.



Usman Shakeel, Tech Leader, AWS Solutions

Usman Shakeel is the Worldwide Technical Leader for Media and Entertainment at Amazon Web Services. In his current role, Usman is responsible for building AWS's technical strategy for M&E Solutions. Usman also assists media customers globally by providing architectural guidance and design recommendations for leveraging cloud-based services, tools and techniques. Usman has been with AWS for eight years and has been involved in several largescale projects involving lift and shift as well as new implementations of media workflows on AWS for some of the major Hollywood Studios. Usman has a master's degree in Computational Geometry and over 20 years of IT experience working with various organizations in software development, research and development around computer visualization as well as software and cloud architecture.