Join Olivier Vincent, General Manager, WeatherBug and Eric Johnsen, Business Development Principal, AWS to learn how WeatherBug is driving innovation in weather forecasting and news. Participants will see how WeatherBug is creating and delivering dynamic, real-time, microfocused news, information, and weather stories to customers using AR. Leveraging the capabilities of Amazon Sumerian and AWS, WeatherBug is transforming the traditional weather broadcast. For example, the new WeatherBug app provides rich, visually compelling data directly to users on air quality and pollen conditions using AR. Additionally, incorporating Sumerian Hosts, WeatherBug brings the value of a local weather forecaster directly to individual customers to create an unmatched 1-1 experience.


Eric Johnsen, Business Development Principal, AWS

Eric Johnsen leads business development for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He previously led business development for Augmented Reality at Google as well as various projects in Google[x], Google's "moonshot factory,” and Google Enterprise team in the U.S. and APAC. His first augmented reality / virtual reality project was in 2013 creating and leading the “Glass at Work” program, which is now known as Google Glass Enterprise Edition. His career also includes sales, marketing and product roles at Upskill, Cisco Systems, SABA Software, Accenture, and a startup called IMsecure which he co-founded and sold to Check Point in 2003. He started his career as a Field Artillery officer in the U.S. Army.

Olivier Vincent, General Manager, WeatherBug

Olivier is currently the President and General Manager of WeatherBug, a GroundTruth company. A recognized serial entrepreneur and technology executive, Olivier has experience running or creating mobile and search-based companies. He was founder and CEO of Canpages, a digital local company that he grew to over $100m in sales before being sold for $225 million. Recognized as an authority in the world of digital and local, Olivier is a future enthusiast (with a love of AR and VR) and is always looking for ways to build things that make life easier, better of funnier.