Demystifying Pools, Groups and Limits

This tutorial provides an in-depth overview of Deadline's pool, group, and limit system, and how they affect job scheduling.

Custom MAXScript Submission Tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to the submission process of 3ds Max as implemented by the SMTD script shipping with Deadline. It provides the most basic steps involved in the creation of custom submitters using MAXScript and paves the way for future, more advanced tutorials that could allow TDs and TAs to develop batch-submitting tools, automatic scene and data processing tools for Deadline etc. (Note that other Thinkbox products use the same approach to submit jobs, for example Partitioning in Krakatoa was implemented using the same workflows).

Submitting MAXScript Jobs Using MAXScript

This tutorial walks you through the process of submitting custom Maxscript jobs to Deadline.

Managing 3ds Max Submitter Defaults

This tutorial discusses the highly sophisticalted system of factory defaults, global defaults and stickiness controls employed by the Submit Max To Deadline script to provide full flexibility for both small and large facilities using Deadline to submit 3ds Max jobs.

3ds Max Sanity Checker Customization

This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of the Sanity Checker included with the Submit Max To Deadline script. It demonstrates how to introduce custom test and repair functions and Sanity Check definitions to ensure the job submission does not violate specific rules.

3ds Max Jigsaw Multi-Region Rendering

This tutorial provides an introduction to Jigsaw for 3ds Max, which allows you to split up a frame into arbitrary regions and render them across multiple machines. It also dives into more advanced Jigsaw functionality, including multi-frame region rendering.