Purchasing Render time and configuring deadline

Usage Based Licensing for Deadline or 3rd party products can be purchased 24/7 from the Thinkbox Marketplace. Any render time purchased is then automatically added to your Customer Portal account, which is automatically created after you make your first purchase from the Marketplace. You can then use your Customer Portal to review your order history and monitor your render time usage. Note that render time is only consumed while the Deadline Slave application is rendering.

After purchasing render time, some additional steps are required to configure Deadline to use your render time. Please review the Deadline licensing documentation for more information on configuring Deadline and accessing your Customer Portal. In addition, check out the videos here or refer to the Deadline 8 licensing FAQ for more information about how Usage Based Licensing can work for you!

how does it work?

This video covers the configuration of the Deadline Slaves to use UBL, as well as the Client Portal for monitoring the available resources and usage history.

This video gives an introduction to Usage Based Licensing and the Thinkbox Marketplace.